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TechMy new book: “Of symmetries and asymmetries, the patterns of nature”

My new book: “Of symmetries and asymmetries, the patterns of nature”

MEXICO CITY ( One of the things I frequently do is delve deeper into the topics that interest me. I must say that this interest does not develop immediately, but slowly takes shape in my thinking and there comes a moment, like a full glass of water about to overflow, that I feel compelled to take action and then I start investigating.

Today we have a fantastic world with the internet at hand. Information flows and is also accessible in a myriad of contents, which makes research today infinitely easier to carry out than in the past.

That’s why at some point – perhaps because of my long-standing interest in cellular automata – I realized that there were some obvious patterns in Nature (yes, with a capital N), and then I realized that maybe, just such Again, symmetry is a fundamental characteristic in this regard. And to my surprise I found (although I admit that I am not very surprised), I found that more than one scientist has dedicated himself to researching the topic of symmetry and its influence on the natural world that surrounds us.

Well, I have probably worked for six months very carefully on this topic and I have written the book “Of symmetries and asymmetries, the patterns of nature.” This is its content:

  • Content
  • Preface
  • 1. Palindromes, or the symmetry of words
  • 2. Capicúa numbers, which look the same upside down and forward
  • 3. Escher and the obsession with symmetry
  • 4. The remarkable symmetrical art of Scott Kim
  • 5. The game of 15 and its solution, thanks to symmetry
  • 6. Cells, plants, animals and symmetry
  • 7. Does life exist because Nature is asymmetrical?
  • 8. Right and left
  • 9. Particles and antiparticles, the inevitable symmetry?
  • 10. The violation of parity… and symmetry
  • 11. Can Alice tell if she is on the other side of the mirror?
  • 12. Monopoles: the asymmetry in electromagnetism
  • 13. Time is not symmetrical
  • 14. Boltzmann, the arrow of time and entropy
  • 15. The symmetry of chaos and chaotic ants
  • 16. Conclusions
  • Appendices
  • I Walker’s algorithm for palindromic numbers
  • II Using cellular automata to study the Collatz Conjecture
  • III Program (software) of cellular automata (1D)
  • IV Program (software) for the verification of palindromes
  • V The Game of Life by John Conway
  • VI Langton’s Ant Software
  • Bibliography
  • Artwork credit

In this way, whoever is interested in this work, I make it available for the equivalent of one dollar (or more if the reader wants to donate a larger amount). In this new experiment to find alternatives for people to read my work and at the same time support me to continue working on other projects, the cost seems very affordable to me. You can deposit it to my PayPal account: [email protected]. When I receive a copy of the receipt, I will send the book to the interested party. Thank you.

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