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TechMysterious Island Inhabited by Thousands of Research Monkeys, Forbidden to Residents

Mysterious Island Inhabited by Thousands of Research Monkeys, Forbidden to Residents


Mysterious island named Morgan Island near South Carolina, United States, has become the subject of discussion. This is because this island is prohibited from visiting by ordinary people and is inhabited by around 4,000 wild rhesus monkeys.

Morgan Island is 4,489 hectares, consisting of river areas, marshland, and plateaus filled with trees and palms. On TikTok, a video taken from a passing boat gives a glimpse of the mysterious island. Hordes of monkeys were seen and signs on the shoreline warned ‘do not feed, approach, disturb, abuse or injure the animals’.

There is also writing that ‘violators will be punished’. Rhesus monkeys are not native to the island. A total of 1,400 were sent there in 1979 after a herpes outbreak at a primate research center in Puerto Rico.



Since then, this monkey colony has continued to grow, but has not exploded in number. The reason is, around 600 monkeys are taken from there per year for certain testing purposes in the laboratory.

Monkeys on Morgan Island. Photo: Unilad

“The testing was not carried out on the island, because the monkeys were sent to researchers working on vaccines and other medical treatments,” the Post and Courier was quoted as saying detikNEQ.

This island is managed by the government and there is a private company specially hired to care for the monkeys. There was concern that the monkey was being treated badly, but this was immediately denied by the authorities.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) confirmed that the 400 to 600 monkeys on Morgan Island are used annually for research, but guaranteed their compliance with federal monkey health laws.

“Maintenance of the colony is carried out in accordance with all federal laws, regulations, and policies. The animals are provided with food, water, and veterinary and other care both on and off the island,” they said.

Civilians are prohibited from entering, only researchers and those with an interest. But one can get quite close to the island using a boat.

Even visits to nearby islands have become part of tour packages. Not only by boat, you can also use a helicopter. “We went on a picnic to Morgan Island to see the monkeys. It was a fun trip, lots of monkeys,” said one tourist.

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