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Nagita Slavina cried after finding out that Rafathar had been punched by a friend at school


Nagita Slavina is said to have cried when her first child, Rafathar Malik Ahmad, received unpleasant treatment at school.

Not long ago, Rafathar was punched by a friend at school. This was first stated by Raffi Ahmad when he was a guest star on the Wendy Cagur YouTube Channel.

In his narrative, Raffi Ahmad explained that his wife had cried when she learned that Rafathar had been punched at school.

“There was something that suddenly Rafathar was punched yesterday, he was punched by his friend at school. He was punched, he got an email. Gigi was crying like this and that,” said Raffi Ahmad.

When asked about this, Raffi Ahmad admitted that he had spoken to his first child.

“So when Rafathar was hit yesterday, I looked for a moment, said why? He answered, no sir, like this,” he explained.

Raffi Ahmad does not want to be a father who is far from his child. For that, he dared to give advice to Rafathar.

“Well, finally I came to him, Rafathar can’t hit people, if someone hits Rafathar, Rafathar will defend himself, but if he has to hit him back, it’s okay to attack him back,” said Raffi Ahmad.

“The point is you can’t be intimidated and intimidated by people, especially if you’re not wrong,” he said.

When asked about this, Raffi Ahmad answered casually.

“Yes, it’s okay, let me be a man,” said Raffi Ahmad when met in the South Jakarta area, Monday (4/9/2023).

“His name is also a child,” continued Raffi Ahmad again.

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