Friday, 22 September 2023
WorldNASA Will Release Long-Awaited Report on UFOs

NASA Will Release Long-Awaited Report on UFOs


NASA will release long-awaited research findings regarding unexplained flying objects (UFOs) in Earth’s skies. The NASA report will be released on Thursday (14/9) local time.

Previously, the United States space agency announced last year that it was reviewing evidence regarding unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) – which replaced the term “UFO” in official parlance.

This subject has long attracted public attention, but was shunned by mainstream science.



An independent team of 16 researchers shared their initial observations in May, and found that existing data and eyewitness accounts were insufficient to draw strong conclusions. The team also called for more systematic collection of high-quality data.

It’s unlikely that Thursday’s report will change that conclusion — but it could ultimately usher in the start of a new mission for the agency.

There were more than 800 “events” collected over 27 years, two to five percent of which were considered possibly anomalous, the report’s authors said at the May meeting.

It’s defined as “anything that’s not easily understood by operators or sensors,” or “something that does something strange,” said team member Nadia Drake.

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