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Natta Reza Performs OST SAHDU, The Lyrics Make You Miss Your Mother Even More


The film One Day with Mother (SAHDU) is ready to be released in theaters on September 21, 2023. Natta Reza is lined up to perform the OST for this film with lyrics that are guaranteed to make your heart ache and realize how little time you have for mothers when we are adults.

Ruang 29 Pictures collaborated with Natta Reza as writer and composer to work on the soundtrack for the film starring Chand Kelvin. Natta Reza succeeded in creating songs that he felt were able to strengthen the plot, content, characters and themes of the story.

The song entitled Ibu, which was written in the pop genre, has lyrics and musical arrangements that are easy to remember. Natta Reza also got inspiration for writing the lyrics for the song Ibu from his personal life experiences.

“Mothers are extraordinary figures with enormous sacrifices in caring for, giving love and educating their children sincerely. However, children are often forgotten and only regret it when their figure is no longer in this world,” said Natta Reza in the Kemang area , South Jakarta, Monday (4/9/2023).

Natta Reza said the song lyrics he wrote strengthened the message he wanted to convey through the film One Day with Mother. How often it happens that a child forgets a mother when busyness begins to take over.

“So, the lyrics of the song that I wrote will strengthen what I want to convey in the big story of the film One Day with Mother (SAHDU), namely an invitation to appreciate and be devoted to mothers more deeply – especially since I personally have just lost a mother. “Natta Reza’s story.

Wardah Maulina’s husband in the first chapter tries to bring listeners back to remembering the love, affection of mothers for their children which is not limited by anything. A mother is written to have greater love, affection, affection than that given by her children.

In this mother’s song, Natta Reza also reminds a mother of her special position in the Creator. So that a child does not regret it, this song reminds a child to take advantage of the limited time to do good and be filial to his mother before death takes away his parents’ presence.

“What I feel is that the most painful, sad thing in life is losing a mother figure,” said Natta Reza.

This song even immediately made his wife, Wardah Maulina, cry. A few months ago before giving birth to her first child, Wardah Maulina lost her mother forever because she was pregnant because she could not witness her mother’s funeral in Aceh.

“I immediately listened to my wife and youngest sister. I really remember that after Isha, I sang it at the dinner table and the three of us cried together,” he said.

Risky Ares, a representative from Alfarecords, the record company that houses Natta Reza, is proud to be an important part of the film SAHDU.

“One of the main supporting elements that must be present in a film is the OST and Alfarecords is proud to be an important part of SAHDU film production. Because a good film must be supported by an OST which has the power to create an atmosphere of feelings and emotions according to the storyline and the characters of the actors ,” added Risky.

“We are sure that the SAHDU OST will also present quality song references to raise awareness about the importance of building relationships between children and parents, especially mothers in the context of Indonesian families,” said Novandrian, producer of Ruang 29 Pictures.

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