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WorldNazarbayev's "founding president" status will not be included in Kazakhstan Constitution

Nazarbayev’s “founding president” status will not be included in Kazakhstan Constitution

Kazakhstan State Secretary Yerlan Karin, in a statement on Telegram, stated that the Constitutional Council positively evaluated President Kasım Cömert Tokayev’s application for amendments and additions to the Constitution.

Karin emphasized that the constitutional reform in question was carried out in order to optimize the balance of relations between the ruling administrations, to expand the participation of the people in the governance of the country and to strengthen the protection of the constitutional rights of the citizens.

In addition, Karin stated that an additional application was made to the Constitutional Council regarding the status of the First President of the country, taking into account the suggestions of some constitutional working group members, “According to them, the historical role of the First President is generally well known and does not need to be specified separately in the Constitution. ” used the phrases.

It was previously stated that the law regarding the First President would be repealed within the scope of the amendments to the Constitution in the country, and then it was proposed to specify Nazarbayev’s “founding president” status in the Constitution.

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