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SportsNecaxa begins measures against the accusations against Jorge Gómez for sexual harassment

Necaxa begins measures against the accusations against Jorge Gómez for sexual harassment

MEXICO CITY (apro).– Club Necaxa issued a statement to show its position regarding the report it published Process about Jorge Gómez, current coach of the women’s team and that, according to testimonies from players and former players, he has sexually harassed them, in addition to verbally attacking them, as well as workplace harassment.

The group that operates in Aguascalientes explained that as an institution they have a commitment to integrity and professionalism in all their areas, so any accusation of that nature will be taken seriously and responsibly.

The statement emphasizes that although no person has filed a formal complaint, the institution has already begun implementing preventive measures in accordance with the Protocol against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination of the Liga MX.

And he added that the club is fully willing to listen to the players and staff who want to approach its Commission for Attention to Sexual Harassment and Harassment.

Netizens commented on the statement and expressed their thoughts on it:

“In other words, the guy is still in charge, and if it is not made public on the networks, no movement is made to safeguard the integrity of the players.”

Excellent Necaxa, well done,” wrote @MagadethRaven.

“In short, the harasser will continue to be the coach of the sparks, if they really care about their Women’s team, as a precaution, they should separate it indefinitely,” @pacomar25553795.

“They missed the part where Alberto Clark and Jorge Gómez are separated from the club while the corresponding investigations are carried out.

“What makes you think that the players are going to want to talk to the Commission while the person who told them “my boy came out flirtatious” is still in charge?” wrote @naim24.

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