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WorldNetflix, after 26 years of renting DVDs that he sent by mail,...

Netflix, after 26 years of renting DVDs that he sent by mail, will close in September

MEXICO CITY (appro).– The Netflix streaming platform is celebrating its 26th anniversary on August 29 of having started to operate its broadcasts, shaking up the world of cinema and entertainment, despite its problems with subscribers, detractors, the competition, the rejection of the charge for sharing accounts.

To celebrate, Netflix gave away its DVDs to the last customers of the mail-order service, a system that will close in September, as part of the cycle in which it was born and rewarded loyal subscribers.

This service began more than 25 years ago, generating $145.7 million in revenue for the platform in 2022 for the service it provided to 1 million subscribers who requested the delivery of series and movies on DVD to their homes. Now that the service ends, customers will not be penalized. On the contrary, they may request 10 titles per person to keep them, indicated the newspaper El País.

“We will not charge for discs returned after September 29. Please, enjoy your final shipments for as long as you want!” Netflix wrote on the social network but its availability will depend on the titles that remain in existence.

Netflix subscription plans by mail are $9.99. If you only want to have a DVD, two discs cost $14.99 and $19.99 if you request three simultaneous ones. Shipping is free and the number of requests is unlimited. The service ran under the brand.

“Our goal has always been to offer the best service to our partners, but as business continues to shrink, that will become increasingly difficult. That’s why we want to say goodbye in style and we will send our last albums on September 29, 2023.

“From the beginning, our partners loved the choice and control that direct-to-consumer entertainment offered: the wide variety of titles and the ability to binge-watch entire series,” said Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos.

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