Wednesday, 22 May 2024
WorldNew Hampshire, Nikki Haley's last chance to stop Trump in the primaries

New Hampshire, Nikki Haley’s last chance to stop Trump in the primaries

In early January, Nikki Haley joked during a rally in New Hampshire about the state’s role in the Republican primary. “You already know that Iowa begins. You already know that you fix it,” she said, sparking laughter from the audience. “And then my beloved state of South Carolina finishes it off,” she said of her home state of which she was governor.

Haley was trying to sweeten the pill for voters accustomed to having more power than the rest of the country in selecting the candidate for the White House and who are usually in competition with Iowa, which holds the first caucuses, a more informal vote through assemblies. but also increasingly similar to the primaries in the case of the Republicans.

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