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New Zealand – Uruguay: the All Blacks head into the quarters after a demonstration, the match summary

New Zealand largely won against Uruguay (73-0) this Thursday, October 5 and pocketed their ticket to the quarter-finals. The All Blacks take, at the same time, first place in Group A ahead of the French team which will play this Friday October 6 against Italy.

23:10 – The match summary

New Zealand crushes Uruguay (73-0) and secures its ticket to the quarter-finals of the 2023 Rugby World Cup! The start of the match is rather balanced and the Uruguayans are very close to surprising the All Blacks but the Los Teros try is canceled. This event ultimately resulted in the awakening of Ian Foster’s men. McKenzie broke the deadlock in the 21st minute and launched the New Zealand festival. Mounga transforms before imitating McKenzie in the same phase of play after a scrum five meters away (25th). The first scorer of the evening then passes on a hell of a number. He finds Will Jordan with an absolutely delicious one-handed pass (33rd). 5 minutes later, Cam Roigard also tried and offered his team the offensive bonus point. At the break, the All Blacks lead 26-0. The start of the second period is much less exciting than the first period because the New Zealanders continue the festival that started just before the break. Fletcher Newell marks his entry into play with a try after returning from the locker room (45th) before Fainga’anuku who also unlocks his counter (49th). He will score a double after those of McKenzie and Jordan previously making the bill more and more steep for Los Teros. But Leicester Fainga’anuku even managed to score a hat-trick on New Zealand’s 11th try in the final minutes of the match (77th). This will be the All Blacks’ last try in this game. The Oceanians can now fully turn towards the knockout phase after having ideally completed this group phase.

22:57 – McKenzie’s stratospheric performance

This New Zealand – Uruguay was illuminated by the class of Damian McKenzie who delivered some very nice gestures throughout the evening like this one.

22:53 – The classification of group A

At the end of this New Zealand – Uruguay, the All Blacks are the first to qualify from this group A for the quarter-finals. They take the opportunity to move ahead of the Blues in the standings while the latter will face Italy this Friday at 9 p.m.

22:47 – The All Blacks festival is over!

Wayne Barnes whistles the end of this New Zealand – Uruguay after a forward from the All Blacks. The latter qualify for the quarter-finals after correcting the Uruguayans who fought until the end in vain. 73-0 victory for Ian Foster’s men.

22:44 – The hat-trick for Fainga’anuku!

New Zealand’s 11th try and it is signed by Leicester Fainga’anuku after a very quick reversal of play by the All Blacks! Barrett transforms again.

22:40 – A new powerful test

Williams adds a new New Zealand try in this New Zealand – Uruguay which is a little less subtle than the previous ones. This is the 10th try of the evening. Beauden Barrett converts.

22:37 – Welcome back from Berchesi

Jordan was aiming for a hat-trick with this kicking game above the Uruguayan defense but Berchesi made a very good comeback and beat the New Zealand number 14 who is in very good form in this New Zealand – Uruguay.

22:34 – Another double!

This is the third double for New Zealand – Uruguay! After McKenzie and Jordan, Fainga’anuku also gets his double. Los Teros are totally overwhelmed. McKenzie converts and the All Blacks lead 59-0.

22:31 – Will Jordan completes a magnificent move!

New try by the New Zealanders in this New Zealand – Uruguay! Will Jordan is at the end of a perfectly led collective movement. The 50 point mark has been reached for the All Blacks. After the release of Mounga, McKenzie transformed.

22:27 – Whitelock gives up his place

The emblematic New Zealand player gives up his place and is replaced by Scott Barett for the last quarter of an hour of this New Zealand – Uruguay.

22:24 – Arata applauded

The leader of Los Teros gives up his place in this New Zealand – Uruguay and receives a very nice ovation from Parc OL. He is replaced by Ormaechea.

22:23 – Blackadder’s hand fault

The new arrival could have participated in the offensive demonstration of the All Blacks in this New Zealand – Uruguay but commits a forward attack about twenty meters from the opposing goal.

22:20 – A clash of heads

Nicolas Freitas was hit by Vaai unintentionally but ended up regaining his place. The referee does not sanction the number 5 of the All Blacks.

22:17 – The turnover continues

The All Blacks are well protected and are certainly already thinking about the quarter-finals. The coach took the opportunity to make a lot of changes. Blackadder, Williams and Christie came into play.

22:14 – McKenzie scores a double!

Los Teros are no longer able to contain the All Blacks in this New Zealand – Uruguay and Damian McKenzie scores a double. The New Zealanders are rolling out. Mounga transforms once again.

22:10 – New Zealand’s sixth try!

What a superb jump pass from Will Jordan who finds Fainga’anuku on the edge of the touchline. The latter has free rein to score in this New Zealand – Uruguay. Mounga transforms and it makes 38-0.

22:08 – Change

After this fifth test, the two coaches made changes. Taylor and Williams come into play for the All Blacks while Rodriguez replaces Dotti.

22:06 – Newell adds his name to the scoreboard!

Here is the All Blacks’ fifth try in this New Zealand – Uruguayan! Fletcher Newell, who replaced Tyrel Lomax, also tried after piercing the defensive curtain of Los Teros. Behind Mounga hits the post and misses a second transformation this evening.

22:04 – The mischief of Freitas

The Uruguayan number 14 traps his opponent and gets the touch after a difficult kick from Etcheverry.

22:02 – It’s back to Lyon!

Start of the second period of this New Zealand – Uruguay! The All Blacks lead 26-0 and have already taken the offensive bonus point against the valiant Uruguayans who had started well.

21:55 – The situation in the rankings

At the break of this New Zealand – Uruguay, the All Blacks passed France before the Blues match this Friday with one more point. Italy is still 3rd with three points behind France and 5 behind the New Zealanders.

9:46 p.m. – It’s halftime! The All Blacks took shelter

After more than twenty sluggish minutes, the All Blacks ended up hurting the Uruguayans very badly and led 26-0 at the break with the offensive bonus point in their pocket.

21:43 – Roigard offers the offensive bonus point

The New Zealanders are getting very close to the quarter-finals thanks to this try from Cam Roigard who dropped his opposite number on a hook. 4th try for the All Blacks not transformed by Mounga who misses for the first time in this New Zealand – Uruguay.

21:42 – Magnificent cover by Arata

Will Jordan is close to the double after a clever little kick but the number 9 of Los Teros makes an excellent comeback and beats the New Zealander.

9:39 p.m. – McKenzie treats and gives Jordan a try

What a number from Damian Mckenzie who finds an absolutely magnificent one-handed pass to Will Jordan who just has to go and flatten. Mounga transforms and the All Blacks take off in this New Zealand – Uruguay.


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