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SportsNFL: Champions Rams will host Bills in opening game of 2022 season

NFL: Champions Rams will host Bills in opening game of 2022 season

The reigning Super Bowl champions earned the right to open the 2022 season at home. NFL.

Los Angeles Rams they will receive the Thursday September 8 to the Buffalo Bills, in an interesting matchup of two teams generally considered favorites.

buffalo It will be like this at SoFi Stadium, where the Rams won the championship by beating Cincinnati in February.

The Cincinnati Bengals will host their division rivals, the Steelers, on Sunday, September 11, the date all other games begin, except for two-team games. Those clubs will square off on Monday with a fascinating plot: Russell Wilson is taking his Broncos to Seattle.

In this vacation period, the Seattle Seahawks sent Wilson, their old quarterback, to Denver.

The main duel on Sunday will have Tom Brady -unless it is withdrawn again before September- and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Dallas. Brady’s decision to return from his short retirement forced the NFL schedule to be changed and some games to be rearranged.

The other Sunday duels will also have attractive scripts. The Jacksonville Jaguars, with their new coach Doug Pederson, will be in Washington, which has its first quarterback with Carson Wentz.

Several key division matchups will take place on September 11: New Orleans in Atlanta, Indianapolis in Houston, New England in Miami, Las Vegas in the home of the Los Angeles Chargers and Green Bay in Minnesota.

Cleveland will play in Carolina, San Francisco in Chicago, Philadelphia in Detroit, Baltimore in the home of the New York Jets, Kansas City in Arizona and the New York Giants in Tennessee.

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The duels for week 2 and 3 were also announced. The rest of the calendar will be published later.

Previously, it had been disclosed Christmas Day triple billboard.

Another change is a doubleheader on the second Monday night, which will be on September 19.

The international duels had also been announced:

  • A regular-season matchup will take place in Germany on November 23, between Tampa Bay and Seattle in Munich.
  • On October 9, Green Bay will be the last team to play in Europe as they face the Giants at Tottenham’s home in London. The week before, Minnesota will face New Orleans at the same venue.
  • On October 30, Wembley Stadium will host the Broncos against the Jaguars.
  • On November 21, San Francisco and Arizona will play in Mexico City.




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