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Nigeria News: Gunmen again kidnap 15 children from school in Nigeria, 48 hours ago 300 children were kidnapped

Abuja. Armed men abducted 15 children from a hostel in north-western Nigeria early Saturday morning. The children were sleeping in the hostel at the time of the incident. Police gave this information. Just 48 hours earlier, gunmen had abducted at least 300 children from a school. The incidents of kidnapping of children from schools are increasing in the Northern region of Nigeria.

In 2014, Islamic extremists abducted more than 200 schoolgirls from Chibok village in Borno State and this incident shocked the entire world. Armed gangs continue to target school students for ransom and at least 1,400 children have so far been kidnapped in several incidents. Sokoto police spokesman Ahmed Rufai told The Associated Press that the gunmen attacked Gidan Bakuso village in Sokoto state at around 1 a.m. local time and then went to an Islamic school and abducted the children.

He said the gunmen had also abducted a woman from the village. Police are searching for the kidnapped people. No group has yet taken responsibility for this incident. Nigeria’s Vice President Kassim Shettima on Saturday met with authorities and some parents of abducted students in Kaduna state and assured them of the safe return of the children.

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