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WorldNL registers 818 thousand people with educational backwardness

NL registers 818 thousand people with educational backwardness

Although Nuevo León (NL) is the second State with the lowest rate of population with educational lag, the entity registered 818,700 people in this situation in 2022, indicates an analysis by Coparmex Nuevo León, with data from CONEVAL.

The study warns that 13.5 percent of the population in NL suffers from educational lag, and Coahuila is at the same level, and only Mexico City (CDMX) registered a lower one in 2022, 9.7 percent.

Cecilia Carrillo López, director of Coparmex Nuevo León, expressed her concern about the regression that the country is registering in terms of education, pointing out that human capital is essential to increase the country’s competitiveness.

“We cannot aspire to inclusive development if the population does not have access to international quality education. Without education, there is no productivity, there is no competitiveness, there is no innovation, there is no cultural or artistic development, ”she warned.

Although NL registers one of the lowest rates, it is worrying that more than 800 thousand people suffer from educational lag, he said.

“The lack of education condemns them to poverty, to the opportunity to grow and improve their economic and social well-being,” added Carrillo López.

At the national level, the rate of the population with an educational gap in 2022 was 19.4 percent, which means that 25.1 million people are in that situation.

According to CONEVAL, a person has an educational gap when they are between 3 and 15 years old and do not have compulsory education and do not attend a formal education center. Also if he was born after 1998 and has not completed compulsory education (higher secondary), or was born before 1982 and does not have the current compulsory level of education at the time he should have completed it (complete primary).

In 2022, NL registered a population rate with an educational gap lower than that of 2020, which was 14.4 percent, but slightly higher than that of 2018, of 13.4 percent, prior to the pandemic.

The state not only does not have a lower rate of population with educational lag than the country average, but the negative impact of the pandemic on this matter was to a lesser degree.

In 2020, Mexico registered a population rate with an educational gap of 19.2 percent and in 2018 of 19 percent, that is, it has worsened.

The states with the worst educational lag are the poorest in the country Chiapas, 31.1 percent; Oaxaca, 29.1 percent; Michoacán, 28.9 percent and Guerrero, 28.8 percent, among others.

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