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Non-stop criminal violence in Chiapas; seven dead in municipalities on the southern border

SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Chis. (appro) blockades and roadblocks by organized crime groups disputing control of the territory, events in which at least seven people were murdered this morning.

From very early on, armed groups of the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) began an attack against members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) and the different points they control in this region that covers the municipalities of Comalapa, Amatenango del Valle, Mazapa de Madero, Motozintla, Chicomuselo, Siltepec, Bella Vista, La Concordia, Villacorzo, El Parral and even some Chiapa de Corzo communities.

The Mexican Army and the National Guard left their barracks in Frontera Comalapa and Chicomuselo to pursue convoys of trucks sighted and reported on highway sections that connect the municipalities of the Frontera, Sierra, Frailesca, and Central Valleys regions. .

On the Chicomuselo-Siltepec section, near the place called Malpaso, a black Tacoma pickup truck was ambushed by a group of armed men. Seven people dressed in black were killed at the scene, as can be seen in images that began to circulate on networks. Unofficial versions speak of nine riddled with bullets.

One of those killed was riding a motorcycle in front of the Tacoma pickup. The truck driver, who was lying outside the truck, was wearing a Mexican flag badge and the word “Mexico” on the sleeve of his black sweatshirt.

Panic spreads among parents

In various municipalities in the state’s border area, fathers and mothers ran to kindergartens, primary, secondary, and high schools to get their children out of educational centers, in the face of panic and anxiety caused by the mobilization of convoys. of armed groups and police and military persecution.

A page on social networks, called “Police in Action Chiapas”, which is administered by state and municipal police anonymously, with first-hand information on public safety and used to communicate among uniformed officers, released a message this morning:

“Take care, if you have nothing to do outside your homes, don’t move; those of us who have to work, take care, try not to circulate at night; They report the presence of organized crime in various parts of the geography of Chiapas. Commandos, use all the protective equipment you have at your disposal, this is going to get worse.”

Villacorzo: GN is withdrawn; armed civil patrols emerge

Residents of the Revolución Mexicana community, in the municipality of Villacorzo, denounced that until a week ago there was a National Guard operations center that guaranteed their security, but that week it was dismantled and then patrols by armed civilian groups began.

There in the Mexican Revolution, Villacorzo, armed civilian men were videotaped aboard trucks with tinted windows loading fuel.

In Motozintla, transporters and residents took to the streets to protest. The banner that headed the demonstration read: “Motozintla safe”, “No to the collection of a flat”, “No to extortion, no to the levantones”, “Peace and tranquility”, “We do not want to be one more Comalapa”, “Join and we will finish creating a Safe Motozintla”.

Public transport was paralyzed in several of the municipalities in the southern region of Chiapas, due to the fear of drivers that their units would be taken from them, burned or used to block roads, as usually happens in every confrontation.

Chiapas protesters

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