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WorldNorth Korea announces a Russian test of tactical guidance weapons

North Korea announces a Russian test of tactical guidance weapons

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North Korea announced the test, then successfully tested with a “new tactical guidance weapon type”, in the presence of its chief Kim Jong-un.

The North Korean Central Press Agency (KCNA) reports that Pyongyang is testing “with success” the launch of a new tactical guided weapon type.

The agency adds that “the new tactical guidance weapon system is of great importance for improving the effectiveness of long-range artillery units on the front lines and the efficiency of their use.” nuclear weapons “.

Explaining the long-term plan of the Central Committee of the Party to strengthen the defense capacities of the legs, the north-current conductor giving instructions on the course of the reinforcement of the defense capacities and the nuclear combat forces of the pay.

The north-current conductor of the sector of the scientific search of the national defense for continuous success in the realization of the dissociation objectives of the war fixed by the congressional assembly of the outgoing working parties.

The agency did not provide more details on the specifications of the tested weapon.

In late January, Pyongyang presented plans by congresses of the party to develop tactical nuclear weapons, produce ultra-high-velocity nuclear ammunition, improve flap precision within a radius of 15,000 km, poss nuclear propulsion marines, and exploitation of reconnaissance satellites …

The latest North Korean test interviews that South Korea and the United States are likely to offer major conjunctival exercises.

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