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WorldNorwegian writer Jon Fosse, Nobel Prize in Literature 2023

Norwegian writer Jon Fosse, Nobel Prize in Literature 2023

The Norwegian writer and playwright Jon Fosse was awarded this Thursday with the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature. The Swedish Academy has decided to grant him recognition “for his innovative works of theater and prose that give voice to the unspeakable.”

Fosse, born on the west coast of Norway in 1959, has a vast career in which he has written novels, poetry, essays, plays and even children’s stories, all written in Norwegian Nynorsk. Furthermore, he also works as a translator.

“The human condition is the central theme of Fosse’s work, regardless of genre,” highlighted the Swedish Academy. “His reduction of the tongue and its dramatic action express the powerful human emotions of anxiety and helplessness in the simplest way,” the jury also assessed.

The Nobel Prize marks the turning point in his career as a playwright in 1999, with the production of his work Nokon kjem til å kommesomeone is coming—, written between 1992 and 1993. “With the themes of fearful anticipation and overwhelming envy, Fosse’s uniqueness is evident,” the Academy assesses about this work.

Fosse takes over from French writer Annie Ernaux, who won the prize in 2022 “for the courage and clinical acuity in uncovering the roots, distances and collective restrictions of personal memory.”

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