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Not just ‘Mamá Coco’: Who was Ana Ofelia Murguía, actress who worked with Silvia Pinal and Arturo Ripstein?

The Marked Hour (1988), Take my life away (2008), Coconut (2017), are some of the projects in which the actress Ana Ofelia Murguía worked, who died at 90 years oldand was part of a production with Silvia Pinal and Rebecca Jones.

This December 31, through its social networks, the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature confirmed the death of Ana Ofelia Murguía with a message in which They regretted the event:

“With deep sadness we regret the sensitive death of the first actress Ana Ofelia Murguía, who was part of the stable cast of the National Theater Company of INBAL and whose artistic career It was vital for the performing arts of Mexico”.

What was Ana Ofelia Murguía’s career like?

Ana Ofelia Murguía was a Mexican actress who was born in 1933 and from a very early age was interested in the performing arts.

According to the site of the National School of Theater Art of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), Ana Ofelia Murguía’s passion for acting began with the performing arts industry when she went to a production of 13 at the table.

After that experience, Murguía studied at INBAL, with classes from maestro Seki Sano, and made his professional debut in 1954 with the play Fireproofbased on a project by the writer Arthur Miller, graduated two years later.

His foray onto the big screen was not until 1974 with the film The prophet Mimi, directed by José Estrada, in which the actor Ignacio López Tarso also participated. After that film, Murguía’s career grew and he continued with other projects such as: Life imprisonment (1978), The Light Motifs (1986), The garden of Eden (1994), among others.

Likewise, throughout her long career, Ana Ofelia had the opportunity to participate with renowned filmmakers such as Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Felipe Cazals and Arturo Ripstein, the latter recognized for films such as The Castle of Purity (1973).

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