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TechNot only connectivity, Bakti Kominfo intensively carries out digital literacy in 3T

Not only connectivity, Bakti Kominfo intensively carries out digital literacy in 3T


Along with the presence of access Internet in underdeveloped, frontier and outermost areas (3T), the Telecommunications and Information Accessibility Agency (Devotion) Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) also balances it with digital literacy.

Bakti President Director Fadhilah Mathar told the story of Bakti’s efforts to build telecommunications infrastructure in remote areas of the country. The transition from 2G to 4G networks is considered to need to be accompanied by an understanding of cyberspace.

“When they have cellphones that are not yet smart, at that time they think that switching technology is troublesome. Well, that’s because of the lack of literacy that we give them,” said Fadhilah in Jakarta.



“Similar to matters related to education in 2019, finally the 3T regions, although not all of them, are still able to carry out computer-based national exams at the same time as Jabodetabek,” he continued.

He said that people in the 3T area, their knowledge of the internet is not as good as what is known in urban areas. This is Bakti’s homework, not only to provide connectivity, but also digital literacy.

“For example, there is a mother who calls her child using a video call, her child is still alive, but because of the economic situation they can’t come home quickly and often enough. And maybe at that time she didn’t come home for seven years when she saw her child, thinking it was something mystical,” he said. .

“That’s something we can’t possibly imagine in Jabodetabek where there are so many choices, so that if it’s even a little slow, we can change providers,” said the Managing Director of Bakti.

To overcome the digital divide in Indonesia, Communication and Information Service has a number of programs, starting from Palapa Ring, BTS 4G, Satria-1, and Internet Access (AI).

Palapa Ring is a national fiber optic cable backbone construction project that connects 90 districts/cities throughout Indonesia, with 57 service districts/cities and 33 interconnecting districts/cities.

This network consists of a 12,148 kilometer long fiber optic cable consisting of land and underwater optical cables, as well as a 55 hop microwave radio network segment.

Then, there is Satria-1 which has reached an orbital slot of 146 degrees East Longitude or is at an altitude of 36 thousand km above Papua. The government’s internet satellite is targeted to serve 37 thousand points in 3T which are difficult to reach by mainland telecommunications infrastructure and is targeted to operate in December 2023.

Then the 4G BTS project. Even though he is currently experiencing legal issues, Communication and Information Service stated that he would complete the telecommunications infrastructure project, considering that this was one of the projects prioritized by President Joko Widodo in providing digital infrastructure.

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