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WorldNutritionist denies existence of fat burning supplements, but says "some can help"

Nutritionist denies existence of fat burning supplements, but says “some can help”

MADRID, (EUROPA PRESS) – Belén Fontán Calvo, specialist in Dietetics and Nutrition at the Ruber Juan Bravo University Hospital, denied that there are supplements with the ability to burn fat, since, to do so, it is necessary to produce a caloric deficit through diet and exercise; However, she assures that “some can help.”

The basis for burning fat and producing this caloric deficit lies in diet, training, physical activity and rest,” the expert specified.

However, as long as these three variables are met to achieve a caloric deficit, you could count on some supplements; either because they produce satiety and reduce appetite, or because they increase caloric expenditure, or because they reduce the absorption of dietary fat.

Among these supplements, there are some whose effects have been demonstrated, such as caffeine and green tea, while, in others, more studies will have to be carried out to find out if they can really help in this objective.

The first of them is caffeine. When it intervenes in energy systems, it manages to increase the basal metabolism, which translates into a greater consumption of daily Kcal and allows more flexibility when it comes to losing fat.

“Therefore, if you have a well-scheduled workout, and are looking to improve your physical condition or reduce your fat mass, caffeine can be a good ally, as long as you tolerate it well and your diet, exercise and rest are appropriate for your goal,” says the expert.

Another of these supplements is green tea. In addition to caffeine, it contains catechins, which help better control plasma glucose, improve fat oxidation and increase satiety, also improving the metabolism of patients who are on low-calorie diets.

If we include it in a healthy lifestyle that has our 3 fundamental pillars for fat loss, it can be a good ally,” says Fontán.

As for L-carnitine, due to its mechanism of action, it promotes the oxidation of fats; However, there is not much scientific evidence regarding fat burning.

Likewise, hydroxycitric acid, the main compound in garcinia cambogia – a fruit of Asian origin – favors the use of fats as a source of energy and produces greater satiety, limiting caloric intake. However, there are not many studies that support the use of this fruit.

Finally, the expert has also talked about linoleic acid, which is a trans fat, present mainly in the fat from dairy products derived from cows, although it can also be found in other dairy products and in meat fat. “The studies in this regard are not conclusive,” she said.

The nutritionist has also mentioned spirulina, which is a freshwater algae that is attributed with a satiating effect and better metabolic control; however, its effects are still being studied.

On the other hand, yohimbine is extracted from the bark of trees from Africa and has been useful in fat loss, since it intervenes in the oxidation of fats and acts as a thermogenic agent.

However, effects have also been observed at the level of blood pressure, increasing it, so the administration of this supplement should be controlled by a specialist and, given its controversy, it is prohibited in some countries.

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