Friday, 22 September 2023
EntertainmentOfficial Tobing Post Report Box Band For Alleged Copyright Infringement

Official Tobing Post Report Box Band For Alleged Copyright Infringement


The conflict over copyright between drummer Posan Tobing and his former band, Kotak, ended up in the realm of law.

The official post reported the Kotak personnel to the Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) Polda Metro Jaya today, Wednesday (6/9/2023).

Based on observations, Posan Tobing arrived at Polda Metro Jaya at 10.00 WIB and went straight to the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate Building to carry out legal consultations.

After that, Posan then went straight to the SPKT Polda Metro Jaya Building to make a report against Kotak.

“Mario Marcella Handika Putra, Swasti Sabdastantri, and Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari, we reported this name to the authorities because they had violated the Copyright Law,” said Posan Tobing.

The three Kotak personnel were accused of violating Article 9 juncto Article 113 of the Copyright Law Number 28 of 2014.

As for the Posan’s report on registered box personnel in case number LP/B/5290/IX/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA dated September 6, 2023.

“The threat is 4 years in prison and the alleged fine is also quite large, around Rp. 3 billion,” said Tobing Posan’s attorney, Jeris Napitupulu.

Posan emphasized that the three Kotak personnel did not have good faith after receiving subpoenas from his side some time ago. Posan feels that the subpoena tends to be ignored so that this problem ends up in the realm of law.

“Regarding songs, self-composed songs and even songs created together entitled Just Slowly, Always Love, Still Love, Love Don’t Go, 07, yes, basically there are many other songs that also have my creations in them,” said Posan. .


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