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IndiaOil prices in India: Tensions increased in the Red Sea, will oil...

Oil prices in India: Tensions increased in the Red Sea, will oil prices increase in India? | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Houthi attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea will have a negative impact on oil importing countries including India. This is likely to increase oil prices by 10-20 dollars, which will be harmful to the international economy, said World Economic Forum (WEF) President Borge Brede. The news in this context has been given by ‘India Today’. WEF President Borge Bande was speaking during the 54th WEF Annual World Economic Meeting starting today in Davos, Switzerland. (Oil prices in India)

Merchant ships in the Red Sea have been repeatedly attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels. After that, Houthi rebels were also targeted by Britain and America. After these attacks, the Houthis retaliated strongly. This has greatly increased the tension in the Red Sea. The president of the World Economic Forum has predicted that this is more likely to affect the price of oil. (Oil prices in India)

Tensions in the Red Sea are negatively impacting global supply chains due to repeated attacks on merchant ships by Houthi rebels. Therefore, it has been predicted that the price of oil will increase by 10-20 dollars for oil importing countries like rice. Borge Bande also said that it will have a negative impact on the international economy. (Oil prices in India)

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