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Oki Setiana Dewi’s reaction when asked about the issue of Ria Ricis’ household breakdown


Oki Setiana Dewi, who is none other than Ria Ricis’ older sister, was again asked about the issue of her sister’s marital breakdown. Unlike usual, Oki Setiana Dewi, who always answers questions, is now reluctant to respond.

“Have you had lunch yet? Have you prayed yet? I’m really asking,” answered Oki Setiana Dewi when met in the Jakarta area, Monday (27/11/2023).

When asked further about this, Oki Setiana Dewi again changed it.



“Ma’am, have lunch first, Sis, really, have lunch first, aren’t you tired of being a journalist?” said Oki Setiana Dewi.

Previously, Teuku Ryan was seen not accompanied by Ria Ricis at his master’s degree graduation some time ago. When asked about this, Teuku Ryan said he was sad not to be accompanied by his wife. But Ryan said Ria Ricis had filming needs that couldn’t be abandoned.

“Sad or not sad? It’s sad that my wife is definitely not there because of work. I ask for prayers for everything to run smoothly,” said Teuku Ryan when met in the Ciputat area, November 23 2023.

Even though he couldn’t accompany him, Teuku Ryan said that after this he would communicate via video call. Ria Ricis is known to be filming in Yogyakarta.

“Yes. The video call after this was with Mrs. Icis. Icis was filming because the contract doesn’t allow for arbitrary permission and the shooting was also far away in Yogya. So, yes, we did it via telephone,” explained Teuku Ryan.

Teuku Ryan also emphasized that his household with Ria Ricis is fine.

“Just check, God willing, it’s still there, everything is fine. In a household there must be the ingredients of love, God willing, everything is safe,” said Teuku Ryan.

“God forbid, God (separate). Yes, not all households have to take photos together all the time,” he said.

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