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WorldOMG! 'Alive' crawling worm found in woman's brain, doctors treating her...

OMG! ‘Alive’ crawling worm found in woman’s brain, doctors treating her were also surprised

Canberra. A neurosurgeon examining a woman with strange symptoms at an Australian hospital was surprised to find a worm crawling around in her brain. Surgeon Hari Priya Bandi was performing a brain biopsy on a 64-year-old female patient at a Canberra hospital last year when she used tweezers to remove an eight-centimeter, or about three-inch, worm.

The Canberra Times newspaper quoted the prisoner as saying on Tuesday, I thought what is this thing? It is a living and moving thing. The worm was the larva of Ophidescaris robertsii, an Australian roundworm that was not previously known to be a human parasite. This worm is commonly found in the snake species Carpet Python. Bandi and Canberra infectious disease specialist Sanjay Senanayake writes about this extraordinary case in an article published in the latest issue of the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Senanayake said he was on duty at the hospital in June last year when the worm was found in the brain of a female patient. He told the Australian Broadcasting Corp, I got a call that a patient with infection problem is admitted in the hospital. A live worm has been removed from his brain. The woman was admitted to the hospital after experiencing symptoms like memory loss and increasing depression for three months. Senanayake said earlier the woman was admitted to a local hospital after she developed symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea, dry cough and night sweats.

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