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One of the Chilean officers convicted of the murder of Víctor Jara commits suicide

The ex-military Hernán Chacón Soto has committed suicide this Tuesday
after the Supreme Court of Chile confirmed on the eve a sentence of 25 years in prison against him, and six other officers, for the murder of the singer and political activist Víctor Jara in 1973.

The Human Rights Brigade of the Chilean Investigative Police has appeared at his home with the intention of arresting him and taking him to the Punta Peuco prison, where military detainees and State agents responsible for Human Rights abuses during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

Chacón has received the police accompanied by his wife. After assuring the agents that he was going to collect personal belongings before turning himself in to be jailed In Punta Peuco located in the Til Til commune, the ex-soldier has taken his own life with a weapon of his property, according to BíoBío Chile.

The Second Chamber of the court affirmed the day before in its ruling that Chacón Soto and six other convicted persons, now retired, are responsible for the crimes of kidnapping and homicide qualified of the singer-songwriter and the
prison warden Littré Quiroga Carvajal.

During the coup led by General Pinochet against President Salvador Allendeon September 11, Jara was arrested along with other teachers and students and transferred to the Chile Stadium, which
currently bears his name. Over there he was tortured for hours and was finally riddled with bullets.

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