Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldOpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise, a 'chatbot' dedicated to companies and focused on...

OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise, a ‘chatbot’ dedicated to companies and focused on security and privacy

MADRID, (Portaltic/EP) – OpenAI announced the launch of a new tool for companies, ChatGPT Enterprise, a ‘chatbot’ aimed at protecting the security and privacy of your data and unlimited access to higher-speed GPT-4.

The company maintains that “AI can help improve all aspects of working life and make teams more creative and productive”, which is why it has created a work assistant dedicated to organizations.

OpenAI commented that among the first companies to adopt ChatGPT Enterprise are Canva, Zapier and PwC and that, thanks to this new ‘chatbot’, “they are redefining the way they operate”, according to a press release.

In addition, this tool enables organizations to create clearer communications, speed up coding tasks, quickly explore answers to complex business questions, and “help with creative work.”

The companies interested in this product own the ‘chatbot’ and control the company’s data, without OpenAI being able to interfere with the information handled by this artificial intelligence.

Additionally, all conversations in ChatGPT Enterprise, which can be deployed on a large scale and can process inputs or files four times longer than the standard version, are encrypted.

OpenAI also noted that the ‘chatbot’ provides unlimited access to advanced data analytics and can be used with different templates to create common workflows and collaborations.

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