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OTAN alliances being “intentionally” at the point of view from Turkey, according to Slovakia

AA / Berlin

The Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivan Korcok, indicated that he was convinced that a solution would be found on the subject of Turkey’s concerns regarding the accession of Finland and Sweden to the Trade Union Organization. nord (OTAN).

“Turkey is a very important and intended alliance, we are not immediately excited about our counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu. It is absolutely certain that they do not find a solution”, declared the journalists who reached the informal reunion of the Ministers l’OTAN à Berlin.

Ivan Korcok signed his speech to the “open door policy” of OTAN, as well as the accession of Finland and Sweden to OTAN.

“We have been studying the means of finding a consensus to respond positively to Finnish and Swedish demand for members,” he said.

Finland and Sweden are the ones that provide simultaneous access to ATAN accession requirements in the daytime.

Turkey, for its part, has expressed its inquiry into their two accession demands and strongly criticized both sides for tolerating the PKK and YPG terrorist groups.

In a brief declaration on the veil of informal reunion of the ministers of Foreign Affairs of OTAN, Mevlut Cavusoglu indicated that Turkey touches the policy of the open port of OTAN.

However, it has been stated that the governments of Sweden and Finland are openly and unequivocally affiliated with terrorist organizations such as the PKK and the YPG, which continue to perpetrate violent attacks against Turkish groups and civilians.

“This is the reason for laying the big fringe of the Turkish people against the attachment of these wages,” he said.

The course of a terrorist campaign of more than 35 years against Turkey, the PKK, which appears on the list of terrorist organizations in Turkey, the United States and the European Union, is responsible for the death of more of 40,000 people. The YPG are the Syrian branch of the PKK.

* English translation by Alex Sinhan Bogmis

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