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WorldOttoman heritage madrasah in Sarajevo gave its 472nd graduates

Ottoman heritage madrasah in Sarajevo gave its 472nd graduates

At the graduation ceremony held in the madrasah, one of the most rooted Islamic education institutions in Europe, 117 students, 68 girls and 49 boys, experienced the happiness of graduating from the historical madrasah.

Madrasah Director Mensur Malkic stated in his speech that there are 9 hafizes among the graduates, and most of them graduate with successful grades.

Fatima Huseinspahic, who graduated from Gazi Hüsrev Bey Madrasah with a high grade point average, also expressed her pride in being educated and stated that the madrasah provides a very good foundation for any future education.

Another graduate hafiz Mustafa Sinanovic noted that he recommends the madrasah to all secondary school students.

Graduated students read the Quran, prayers and hymns as part of the ceremony. Students also made a traditional “graduation parade” in the streets of Sarajevo.

485 years of historical madrasah

Gazi Hüsrev Bey, the grandson of Sultan Bayezid II, one of the Ottoman sultans, had many mosques, baths, soup kitchens and educational institutions built in the region, especially in Sarajevo, during his time as Bosnian Sanjak Principality.

Gazi Husrev Bey founded the madrasa named after him in Sarajevo on January 8, 1537. Education in the madrasa continued uninterrupted despite the Ottoman withdrawal from the region. The madrasah, which continued its education during the communist former Yugoslavia, did not close its doors during the war in 1992-1995, even when the city was under siege.

Gazi Hüsrev Bey Madrasa, the oldest educational institution in the country, continues to be among the priority preferences of Bosnian families due to its quality education.

Madrasah graduates, whose diplomas are equivalent to other high school diplomas in the country, can continue their education not only in theology but also in any other faculties of their choice after completing their education in the madrasah.

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