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Palestinian organizations propose taking legal action against several European governments for the massacre in Gaza

The “Justice and Accountability for Palestine” initiative, which includes legal organizations, lawyers and human rights defenders in several European countries, has warned that it could take legal action against Austrian, German, French and Dutch officials for “their role of complicity in Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide, through its involvement in offering military, economic and political support to Israel.

The Israeli offensive against Gaza, which began on October 7, has already left more than 25,000 dead, including some 11,000 children, in addition to almost two million displaced people, whose displacement from different areas of the Strip was ordered by the Army. From Israel.

According to a statement from that initiative, Germany has increased its military aid to Israel since the beginning of the war; while representatives of Austria and France “have demonstrated their unconditional support for the Israeli bombing campaign, through statements and visits.”

“The German government has increased its military aid and has promised unwavering economic and political support to Israel, while it continues its incessant bombardment of the Gaza Strip,” say the organizations, which accuse Chancellor Olaf Scholz of opposing a Stop the fire. “Meanwhile, the Dutch Government approved the export of military equipment to Israel during the genocide,” the organizations added.

“Despite the horrific crimes committed against our people in Gaza, from indiscriminate bombings, mass murders, destruction of civil infrastructure, starvation and the forced displacement of the majority of Palestinians from Gaza, European representatives have continuously supported and open those crimes, and they must be held accountable,” said Rula Shadeed, co-director of the Palestine Institute for Public Diplomacy, one of the three NGOs coordinating the initiative.

From another NGO, the European Legal Support Center, they have pointed out that “it is not only a moral obligation of European States to defend the rule of international law and prevent the crime of genocide. It is also a legal obligation. “Failure to do so could result in individual criminal liability for those who continue to recklessly support Israel’s relentless attack on Palestinians in Gaza,” they warned.

“Those public officials involved in supporting Israel’s genocide in Gaza must be held accountable. “We urge decision-makers at all levels to reconsider their support for international crimes, end the hypocrisy and immediately stop the devastation in Gaza,” the director of the NGO Law for Palestine said in that statement.

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