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EntertainmentPansos Ala Raffi Ahmad Directly with President Joko Widodo

Pansos Ala Raffi Ahmad Directly with President Joko Widodo


When Indonesian celebrities and Instagram celebrities started trying out the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train the day before yesterday, Raffi Ahmad’s name emerged again. He was called social assistance because he asked for President Jokowi’s signature on his clothes and even joked about lunch.

Raffi Ahmad’s name is one of a number of artists invited by President Jokowi to try out the fast train. At that moment, Nagita Slavina’s husband took the time to ask her to sign her white shirt.

Mpok Alpa called this action social assistance. Raffi Ahmad confirmed Mpok Alpa’s words.



“Yes, the social assistance also goes to the President,” admitted Raffi Ahmad.

“Who doesn’t want to be close to the President? Who doesn’t want to be notified by the President?” he continued.

Rafathar and Rayyanza’s father said he was proud to be able to get President Jokowi’s signature. At that time, Raffi Ahmad said that President Jokowi was reluctant to sign his white shirt.

“It’s just that it’s difficult for me to meet the President and I really know that the President likes it when his signature is on his clothes or somewhere else,” said Raffi Ahmad when filling out Trans7’s FYP.

“Yesterday I was invited to take the fast train to socialize the fast train from Halim to Padalarang, I happened to be sitting next to him so the time was quite long, 15 to 20 minutes just like that. I was thinking about Gading, asking for an autograph on the shirt. I know Mr Jokowi “If you sign on a shirt, you’re like, ‘Oh, don’t. Love the shirt,'” he continued.

However, Raffi Ahmad did not want to waste the opportunity to ask for the signature of the president who has served for two terms. Moreover, according to him, it is rare to meet Jokowi.

“But this is an honor and the presidential term is 10 years. Meeting the president isn’t like meeting the two of you, I just call you when you come. It’s hard when it will be. Finally, sign it. Later, the plan is at my new house, I want to laminate this.” “Well, it’s not laminated, it’s displayed, it’s framed, I put it as a keepsake,” said Raffi Ahmad.

Meanwhile, Raffi Ahmad and other artists who were also testing the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train joked about who paid for lunch. The joke also made President Jokowi laugh.

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