Thursday, 21 September 2023
WorldParastatals bleed Mexico

Parastatals bleed Mexico

Derived from government data and the Superior Audit of the Federation, in the current Q4 government, state companies have a record of opacity and diversions of billions of pesos, unprecedented losses of billions of pesos, and damage to the national economy equal to or greater than that generated by COVID.

The abandonment of Texcoco and the adaptation of Santa Lucía were more expensive than if they had completed the Texcoco Airport, which would have been the largest airport in Latin America. Serious mistake, led to the president by a contractor who had lost the tenders to build the Texcoco airport and proposed Santa Lucía to the president.

The Mayan Train, which should have been built by individuals, is going to cross one of the most beautiful ecological reserves in the world, which was started by the construction of tracks for a train to pass that destroys ancient trees, cenotes and scares some of the fauna. from that region.

In Segalmex (Mexican Food Safety), the Superior Audit of the Federation found payments to ghost companies that exist only on paper.

The losses and deviations of Segalmex, formerly Conasupo, can amount to 15 billion pesos.

The waste, diversions or thefts of billions with impunity are clear proof that President López Obrador ignores or tolerates these multimillion-dollar diversions, that posterity will have data to classify the current government with corruption equal to or worse than that of the PRI in the century. past.

This is the result of forgetting the old saying “Zapatero to your shoes” and increasing investments in Pemex and the CFE, which lose more money every day, and together with the abandonment of Texcoco, the construction of Dos Bocas, the Mayan Train and Segalmex that, turned into nests of corruption, bleed the Mexican economy.

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