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Parents of swimmers demand that Conade explain the role of Kiril Todorov’s FMN

MEXICO CITY (apro).– The members of the Association of AC Swimming Coaches and Technicians (Amdetna) and parents of Mexican swimmers demand an explanation from the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), headed by Ana Guevara. why the defunct Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN) has the endorsement to organize the selections for the 2024 National Games, despite the fact that last year it ignored this organization because it does not comply with the General Law of Physical Culture and Sports.

It was through a letter sent to Conade, as well as in a press release, that members of the aquatic community asked for justice and clarity for those selective, since the FMN is also illegally charging 500 pesos for its memberships and, If they do not pay it, they will not be able to compete.

It should be noted that Conade, in the technical annex of the call for the 2024 National Games published on February 23, established that athletes were not required to present proof of affiliation or similar document throughout their classification process and at the national stage. to any federation or national sports association.

In 2023, Conade withdrew the Single Registry of Sport (RUD) from the FMN – which is unduly still in the power of the deposed former president Kiril Todorov – since it does not have the recognition of the International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics, WA), therefore it cannot receive public resources nor does it have legal personality to launch calls, so it cannot organize selective competitions, national championships or call the Conade National Games.

However, as yet another illegality of Ana Guevara, who insists on defending Todorov, the FMN launched the call for the selection that will be held from April 10 to 14 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, coordinated by David Callejas, ignoring the one made by the Stabilization Committee in Monterrey, Nuevo León, where nearly 1,800 swimmers gathered.

“Any event convened by the FMN involves acts of corruption, Conade is asked for unofficial intervention to protect boys, girls and young athletes from acts of manipulation, extortion and economic exploitation by the FMN,” reads the pronouncement of parents of swimmers.

So far, Conade has not issued a response to the parents’ and coaches’ request; If this continues, the only way for swimmers to participate in the National Games is for them to attend the competition in Guadalajara, which would imply spending on travel, registration for the event and affiliation to the FMN.

“We ask Conade to support us and look after the interests of athletes and coaches. Let us remember that the National Games have been, for many years, the main competition for the majority of talents in different sports and the basis on which most state support is sustained.”

“Our hands are tied, either we bow down to joining and accepting the rules of a federation without RUD or we are left without the opportunity to participate in the National Games. Please, do not allow your maximum event to become conditioned to maintaining a federation whose registration you yourselves revoked and extinguished,” the coaches say.

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