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Parto Patrio is worried ahead of the third operation at the end of June


Parto Patrio caused concern because he was seen lying limp in the ambulance. Having undergone surgery for kidney stones twice, Parto still has to undergo surgery a third time.

Currently Parto is preparing for the third operation. The third operation was performed to remove the stent tube.

It turned out that this operation had made Parto worried. Some time ago while on holiday, Parto had control in Singapore.



“The third operation, removing the stent, this is what worries me. As soon as I walk, I urinate mixed with blood. Why is this? I immediately asked the doctor and he said it was because Mas Parto had a lot of friction between the stent and the bladder,” said Parto to Pagi Pagi Ambyar studio, South Jakarta, yesterday.

Parto Patrio’s third operation is planned to be carried out at the end of June 2024 in Indonesia.

Parto remembers very well how he initially felt sick when he was going on holiday to Bali with his family after Eid.

“So I felt the pain a week before Eid al-Fitr, I was filming really sick. I was given medicine by Eko and it went away, then it came back again. After that we wanted to go to Bali, the pain couldn’t stand it, I checked with a doctor for a CT scan, the next day after “Looking at the results, ‘Sir, there is a kidney stone in the duct’ measuring 0.4 cm, this can be shot and you can go home straight away,” said Parto.

However, at that time Parto chose to ask for medicine. That’s because he hasn’t made any preparations for going to Bali.

Parto’s wife, Diena, said the doctor had given him permission to go to Bali. Parto also feels that his condition is safe.

After returning from Bali, Parto plans to go to the hospital to have another CT scan and see whether his kidney stones can still be removed or not. The day before going to the hospital, Parto apparently felt unbearable pain.

“I was starting to urinate and it started to feel uncomfortable (anyang-anyangan). In the morning, the pain was spreading in the afternoon,” he said.

Finally Parto went to the hospital with Amanda Caesa. Parto’s wife was accompanying their youngest daughter when leaving.

“The CT scan revealed that the kidney stones had gone down,” said Parto, finally undergoing surgery for the first time.

One day he spent the night in the hospital, when he was going home from the hospital, Parto felt his stomach bloated.

“After the procedure on Wednesday, I wanted to go home on Friday. As soon as I wanted to go home, Friday night I felt sick again, I was bloated, I couldn’t defecate, I couldn’t urinate. Saturday morning I went to the hospital again for another CT scan and it turned out the stones were still there,” said Parto, explaining the cause. undergoing kidney stone surgery for the second time.

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