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WorldPentagon: Russian army behind schedule in Donbas

Pentagon: Russian army behind schedule in Donbas

US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said Russia’s military has made very limited geographic progress and is still behind schedule in the Donbas.

Answering questions at a daily press conference, Kirby said he would not characterize the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Donbass as a “stalemate”, mutual artillery fire between the parties continues, there are minor gains or losses of territory.

Kirby said that Russia is still trying to attack the Donbass from the north.

A Pentagon spokesman specifically noted: “The Russian movement is rather slow and erratic, and they are facing stiff resistance from Ukraine. It cannot be said that they are in a stalemate in the classical sense, when the war has approached the freezing point. There is a lot of mutual artillery fire. There is a lot of activity, but if you take two steps back and look at it, you will see that the Russians have not made much progress.In the meantime, we believe that Russia is still behind its own calendar.And the progress that they have made is very, very limited geographically.”

– Training of 310 Ukrainian howitzer artillery personnel completed

Kirby said that to date, 310 Ukrainian soldiers have received howitzer artillery training, and more than 50 soldiers have begun training.

He added that next week they will begin training Ukrainian soldiers in maintenance and repair. A Pentagon official noted that 15 Ukrainian troops have completed training in mobile air defense radars, and 60 Ukrainian troops have completed training in M-113 systems.

John Kirby concluded by saying that 20 Ukrainian military personnel have been trained to operate Phoenix Ghost drones, and 20 of these systems are already in Ukraine.

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