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Pérez-Reverte sums up in a single sentence what he thinks of Leonor: difficult to say more with less

The writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte has spoken briefly but very forceful about his opinion of the monarchy, King Felipe VI and Princess Leonor.

In an interview in The Anthill, the author has assured that he is a republican by “education, training, by culture.” That said, he clarified: “But I am Spanish and that is the determining factor.”

“A Republic is something that is presided over by a person of prestige, serene, cultured, stable, someone capable of giving serenity to a country. Tell me a single person in Spain who can play that role. There is none“, he warned.

“Sometimes I think of Anguita, that he was honest. From that level: Tierno Galván, Fraga Iribarne on the right. But now there is no one,” he lamented before stating that “a republic in the hands of such a political class would be chaos.”

For this reason, he has ended up defining himself as “monarchist in self-defense.” That said, he has assured that Juan Carlos I is “paying for his mistakes” and believes that “he will die in exile.”

“Felipe VI is a guy that I really like, he loves Spain, he has real patriotism. It’s not Bourbon, it’s Greece, it looks more like its mother than its father. He is a very good person, everyone who talks to him says it,” he stated.

That said, he referred to Leonor: “It is true that the daughter, what I see, looks more like the father than the grandfather. “It’s more Greece than Bourbon or that’s my impression.”

Reverte has also spoken about the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and has said that he is “fascinated” because he is “a deeply amoral character” and “watching him act for a novelist is impressive.”

“In a novel I would put him as a Machiavellian bad guy. He fascinates me, the poise, the cynicism, the nerve… there is no guy like him. For better or worse, I don’t know, I’m really a fan,” he admitted.

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