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SportsPhotography: "Vortex City", centenary of Héctor García

Photography: “Vortex City”, centenary of Héctor García

MEXICO CITY ( Image Center opens the exhibition of Mexican photographer Héctor García, and thus joins the commemoration of the centenary of the mythical “Pata de perro”, to register and is part of the exhibition circuit of which the Los Pinos Cultural Complex is already a part with “The dark side of the regime: the protest of 58 and 69”.

In addition, the Open Gallery of the Bars of Chapultepec with the exhibition “Ciudadanos”, the Museo del Estanquillo, with “What do you see me? Héctor García, chronicler of the lens”, The National Museum of Art with “Héctor García. Perspectives on a monument”, and LMI Gallery with “The wisdom of the second act”.

Through a selection of 80 photographs and publications from newspapers and illustrated magazines of the time, the visitor will be able to observe the rapid change of the capital between the mid-forties to the end of the sixties, where García portrayed the public space that was beginning to combine the modern and the rural.

The exhibition arose from the research carried out by curator Laura González and her team, made up of Arturo Ávila Cano, Deni García-Moreno, Regina González Carrillo, Pamela Medina, Marcela Mena Barreto and Juan Ángel Salinas Chávez, who reviewed the extensive archive of the María y Héctor García Foundation to choose, in addition to some iconic pieces, unpublished photographic material. These young curators from the Photography Research Seminar at the UNAM Aesthetic Research Institute managed to provide a fresh perspective.

Unique exhibition, since it was decided that the mounting of the photographs would not include glass, and thus the viewer could observe in greater detail the quality of the printing on the chosen photographic paper. The initiative arose, according to the photographer’s son, Héctor García Sánchez, director of the María and Héctor García Foundation, due to a note “that García himself gave to the director of the LMI Héctor Olocco for an exhibition that he intended to do, but never came to fruition, so the paper was kept protected for two decades until it was dusted off and used as a tribute to my dad’s work.”

“Hector Garcia. Ciudad Vorágine” will remain until February 11, 2024 at the Image Center, located at Plaza de la Ciudadela number 2, Historical Center of Mexico City.

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