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EntertainmentPierre Gruno's Chronology of Beatings in a Bar and Reasons for Peace

Pierre Gruno’s Chronology of Beatings in a Bar and Reasons for Peace


Pierre Gruno was recently detained by the police for beatings. He was finally released after proposing peace against a reporter named Wawan.

After filling in the event at the Trans TV Building area, the senior artist told another story regarding the case he had experienced. He bluntly said why he hit Wawan at that time.

“Yeah, in theory it’s impossible for me to beat people up and keep quiet, there must be something, right. So we went to an event, my sister’s event, I was invited, I happened to know a few, those who didn’t know, were introduced, right. So he passed by, I called him hi, he saw him looking away. Twice I also had time to hello, bro, he just walked away. I think this kid is really impudent, huh,” he said when he met in the Mampang Prapatan area, South Jakarta, recently.

“I asked, I arrived, ‘Why are you cynical at me, bro? What do you mean?’ It turned out that he was nagging, he said why. After we met he thought I was acting, how could I be acting in a bar. Yes, in the end it was the beating,” he continued.

Pierre Gruno admitted that he had apologized and was guilty to Wawan. At that time, he was detained by the authorities for 37 days.

The Raid movie star invites peace to Wawan. Because he felt he needed treatment because his thuggery nature recurred.

“I asked to get out of here, because my thuggery has recurred, started again. So I don’t want it to happen again, in my old days I became a thug again, I don’t want to, I don’t want to beat people anymore, so I want to leave. Because I already have that feeling.”

Pierre Gruno admits that he will change his mindset after the beating case. He hopes to keep up with the times.

“Now it’s like this, my brain is still the brain of the old days. If you fight, you are not satisfied, you fight again until you realize or you don’t want to be peaceful, for us you are sissy, you go to the police, but it turns out this is the current generation. My mindset is still old So, yes, we have to keep up with the times, right,” he said.

Now Pierre wants to focus on finding work. Because he needs money to pay off debts.

“So now it’s just a matter of finding producers who want to shoot for me. I have to work hard to find capital to pay off debts. You think it’s cheap,” he concluded.

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