Friday, 20 May 2022
WorldPKK sympathizers in France attacked Turkey's Consulate General in Paris

PKK sympathizers in France attacked Turkey’s Consulate General in Paris

According to the information AA obtained from diplomatic sources, the Paris Consulate General was attacked by people whose identity has not yet been determined, with fireworks type explosives at around 02:30 local time on the night of 12 May.

The attack caused damage to the window and exterior wall of the consulate general building. French authorities have launched an investigation into the attack.

Sources reported that it was learned that PKK-affiliated formations claimed responsibility for the attack.

On the Twitter account of the Hauts-de-Seine Governorate, it was shared that Governor Laurent Hottiaux condemned the attack on the Paris Consulate in Boulogne-Billancourt, Turkey.

In the post, it was noted that a message of solidarity was conveyed to the Turkish Consul General and consular staff.

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