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Plan C of Morena: 4T and allies score 15 points over the opposition in the election for deputy

Morena and the ‘Together We Will Make History’ coalition have a 15 point advantage in the voting intention for federal deputiesabout the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México alliance, made up of the PRI, PAN and PRD, according to the most recent survey by El Financiero.

The party in power He leads the survey, with 43 percent of voting intention for legislators in the Lower House; the Labor Party (P.T.) got 2 percent, while the Green Ecologist Party (PVEM) reached one percent.

In sum, the ‘Together We Will Make History’ coalition has 46 percent of voting intentions for the deputies.

On the other hand, the collation of the PAN, PRI and PRDadd up to 31 percent of voting intention with 29, 9 and 2 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, the orange party (Citizen Movement) reaches only eight percent of preference for the election of deputies, while the one percent prefer an independent candidate.

At the start of the electoral campaigns, 14 percent of the citizens surveyed declared that they had not defined the party for which they would vote for the deputies on June 2.

On the side of the presidential candidates, Claudia Sheinbaum, starts with 50 percent of the voting intention, while Xochitl Galvez, standard bearer of the PAN-PRI-PRD alliance, has 33 percent support. The MC candidate, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, captures 8 percent and the remaining 9 percent of the people interviewed did not declare a preference, detailed the survey carried out in February with a thousand voters. Personal interviews were carried out by telephone using probabilistic sampling of landlines and cell phones.

According to the survey, Sheinbaum has 51 percent favorable opinion and 33 percent unfavorable opinion, while Gálvez has 38 percent positive opinion and 46 percent negative opinion.

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