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TechPlaystation sees record turnover but sales of its PS5 are down

Playstation sees record turnover but sales of its PS5 are down

The famous company unveiled its annual financial report this Tuesday. Objectives not completely achieved and it is unsurprisingly the PS5 which is paying the price.

The news surrounding video games has continued to heat up in recent weeks. Lately, all eyes were on Nintendo and its official announcement concerning the release of a Nintendo Switch 2 for 2025. But today it’s Playstation’s turn to give its news.

Playstation communicated its financial results for the period April 2023 – March 2024. In detail, Sony posted a significant drop of 7% in its annual operating profit. However, turnover has never reached such a threshold. For its 2023 fiscal balance sheet, PlayStation records 8.9 billion euros in revenue. A historic record which does not seem to delight the leaders however. If there is one point that does not escape the eyes of video game fans, it is that concerning the group’s latest console.

Sony could not escape it and it is the PS5 which is facing a drop in sales over the whole of 2023. The objective was initially revised in February 2024 to 21 million sales, following the low purchases made during the important holiday season. In the end, this objective was not even achieved and Sony indicates that it has sold 20.8 million Playstation 5s for the year 2023, a drop of 29%. Let us remember, however, that sales in the first quarter of 2024 reached 4.5 million units, remaining far from the 6.3 million over this same period last year.

Sony still hopes to stabilize sales of its console at around 18 million during the new fiscal year which has just begun. This period should notably count on the arrival of a major customer who could put the group back on a good track: the PS5 Pro. An update that would be much more powerful than the current PS5 but we are still waiting for an official announcement.

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