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WorldPologne: Russian ambassador painted red paint during a flower-laying ceremony in Warsaw

Pologne: Russian ambassador painted red paint during a flower-laying ceremony in Warsaw

AA / Abdul-Jabbar Aburas

The Russian ambassador to Polog, Sergueï Andreev, was attacked by demonstrators during a ceremony to remove flags from Soviet military bases in the capital, Warsaw.

ط The Polish police, arriving at the places, imposed a cordon of security around the diplomats and the escorts looking for their car.

Commenting on the incident, Russian Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said: “The neo-Nazis are more or less exposed to this vision, and this is a bloody vision.”

And Maria Zakharova pours: “Evidence – the Occident is not engaged in the renaissance of fascism.”

“Mais nous ne nous laisserons pas intimider”, at-elle cependant affirmé, ajoutant: “Ce sont le peuples d’Europe qui devraient avoir peur de c’ils voient dans le miroir”.

An imposing military parade in one place, Lundi, Moscow, in the wake of the National Journey of Victorian Russia, which celebrates the victory of Soviet forces over Nazi Germany over the Second World War, or 77 ans.

Russia launches offensive military offensive against Ukraine on February 24, creating a level of international sanctions and economic sanctions against Moscow, which is also a condition for further operation by which Kiev abandons adhesion projects to military entities and neutral fire, which this deed is considered “an atheist” à as sovereign.

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