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WorldPope urged to hear prayers for peace on Easter

Pope urged to hear prayers for peace on Easter

The spiritual leader of the Catholics, Pope Francis, called for peace throughout the world and especially in Ukraine.

On Sunday, the head of the Roman Catholic Church celebrated Easter Mass in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. And according to tradition, he delivered the message Urbi et Orbi (To the city and the world), in which the pontiff, as a rule, speaks about the most important problems of mankind, primarily military conflicts.

“We saw a lot of blood and a lot of violence. While many of our brothers were trying to protect themselves from the bombs, our hearts were filled with fear and longing,” said Pope Francis.

Referring to the war in Ukraine, the Catholic spiritual leader said: “Let there be peace in the devastated Ukraine, experienced by the violence and destruction of the cruel and senseless war into which it was drawn.”

“May this terrible night of pain and death soon be a new hope. Let there be peace. Please, let’s not get used to war. Let the leaders of the nations hear the pleas of the nations for peace,” said Pope Francis.

The pontiff called for peace in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Jerusalem, as well as for reconciliation in Myanmar and Afghanistan.

He expressed the hope that phenomena such as terrorism, violence and conflict would cease throughout the African continent.

Peace is needed more than ever and is a necessity and a priority for all, the pontiff stressed.

The gendarmerie of the Vatican reported that about 100 thousand people watched the ceremony from the square.

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