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Portugal joins forces with Spain for the ‘most important work of the 21st century’

After decades of waiting for high speed, Portugal is now launching the tender for the first section of the high-speed line between Lisbon and Porto, which will extend to Galicia, after Parliament approved a resolution in favor and in full countdown to be able to access European funds.

The Government of the Prime Minister of Portugal, António Costa, – already in the final stretch of his mandate – published on the public contracting platform the bases for the 2.14 million euro contract for the first section of 72 kilometers, according to informed on Vigo Lighthouse.

In an event at the Portuguese Infrastructure headquarters in Pragal, south of Lisbon, the still head of the executive described this work as “the most important of the first half of the 21st century” in the country, although he recognizes that it will be carried out with more than 30 years late.

“The country cannot stand still with this issue, it is 30 years behind Spain with high speed,” defended socialist deputy Hugo Costa during the debate.

Portugal can access 729 million euros from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the main financing instrument of the European Union to invest in trans-European transport networks. But to get these funds, the country must present its candidacy until January 30.

The acting prime minister already defended last week that it was essential to move forward this month at high speed: “I hope everyone understands the imperative need for us to launch the competition so that important funding is not wasted,” he said during an event. in Lisbon.

Portugal opted to develop its high speed between Lisbon and Porto and, from the latter, extend the connection to the Spanish city of Vigo to connect with the European network. It is planned that this international connection could be completed in 2030.

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