Wednesday, 17 April 2024
BusinessPostage stamps will rise 5.1% with the new year

Postage stamps will rise 5.1% with the new year

Correos will increase the price of the stamps necessary for sending standardized letters and postcards weighing up to twenty grams to national destinations by 5.1% for next year 2024, up to 0.82 euros, which represents an increase of four cents.

The same international letters and postcards will be franked with 1.70 euros (increasing by 5 cents) when the destination is Europe, including Greenland (excluding Albania, Armenia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Georgia, Malta, Moldova and Russia).

The price has remained the same no change from last year when the destination is Australia, Canada, the United States, Japan, New Zealand and Russia, with 2.1 euros; and 1.75 euros for the rest of the countries.

As for the rest of its services beyond the public, National parcel delivery will increase its prices by 1.99%in this case below inflationand after not making any increase last year, while the burofax will maintain their prices unchanged.

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