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Praising his charisma, Dina Lorenza emphasizes that Ariel NOAH is just a friend


Artist Dina Lorenza emphasized again about her relationship with Ariel NOAH. He admitted that he was just a friend.

Dina herself was confused when asked again about Ariel NOAH. It is known that some time ago he was engaged to the singer of Maybe Later.

“Still? That’s it. I’m just asking about this series. Old friends, we are friends,” he said when met in the Senayan area, Central Jakarta, yesterday.



The star of the soap opera, Tukang Porridge on the Haji, does not deny that he has often been engaged to Ariel NOAH. This still happens even recently.

“Oh, that’s a lot, no, we’re friends,” he said.

Dina Lorenza admitted that she knew Ariel NOAH as a perfectionist. He also does not deny that his charm is very sedating.

“His figure? Nice, he’s a perfectionist, when he does something it has to be neatly arranged, so it’s perfect. In music, he’s really from A to Z, okay. Charismatic, yes, because many singers continue to be one of them,” he said.

Dina has no problem with Ariel NOAH being a woman’s dream. Because, the singer of Maybe Later really has a personality that can stun women.

“Yes, maybe it’s okay, it’s good, especially since he’s a musician, so he has to have a lot of fans. Yes, maybe the way he sings is different, he’s still charismatic for a woman like that,” he said.

On that occasion, Dina Lorenza also revealed that she still had the desire to get married. He also talked about his target of being able to marry again.

Just to note, Dina has been married twice. First she married Muhammad Herukusuma in 2002, but only lasted a year. Second, the star of the soap opera, Tukang Burur Naik Haji, married Ghatan Saleh and had one child.

Dina Lorenza wants to remarry because she has permission from her child. He hopes to be able to do that before he is 50 years old.

“Permission-permission, instead asked when mom. Target? Targets above 50 will already have a partner, God willing. Just pray,” he said.

When her child asked when she was getting married, Dina gave a response. He hopes that God can answer his baby’s prayers.

“I said just pray, the important thing is to pray that the mother is healthy, able to work, can find sustenance for the children. I believe that Allah will find our partners for this world and the hereafter. And God willing, as long as we improve ourselves, God willing,” he said.

Dina Lorenza believes God will give her another soul mate. He is now improving himself so he can get what he wants.

“Just pray. I’m sure, I believe Allah will give me the best. As long as we introspect, as long as we try to be good people, God willing, we can find the right person,” he said.

Regarding criteria, Dina admitted that she had many things. But the main thing is that this man is said to be able to take her to heaven.

“It can take me and my family to heaven. Faithful, loves my children, responsible, accepts me as I am, and connected, smart. Moreover, it seems like all women’s criteria will be the same as us. But the point is that it can take me to heaven, amen,” he concluded.

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