Thursday, 26 May 2022
WorldPresidential decisions in the Official Gazette

Presidential decisions in the Official Gazette

According to the President’s decisions published in the Official Gazette, Sorgun Plateau Natural Protected Area in Ankara’s Güdül district was registered and declared as a “sensitive area to be strictly protected” as a result of the re-evaluation of its conservation status. The decision also included a sketch of the sensitive area to be protected, as well as information on its geographical boundaries and coordinates.

It has been decided to expropriate some immovables within the borders of Çömlekçi and İskenderpaşa neighborhoods of Ortahisar district of Trabzon, by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, in order to immediately implement the project for the solution of unhealthy housing within the scope of urban transformation and development (slum transformation) works carried out in the region.

It has been decided to expropriate some immovables within the boundaries of Dallıca village in the central district of Bartın, by the Housing Development Administration, in order to carry out productions aimed at eliminating the level difference between the blocks in the area and the natural ground.

Kula village of Kofçaz district of Kırklareli was connected to the central district of the same province in accordance with Article 2 of the Provincial Administration Law No. 5442.

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