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WorldPride chart of physically disabled athletes

Pride chart of physically disabled athletes

Turkish Physically Disabled Sports Federation (Turkey) came to Karabük to watch the 2nd stage of the 1st League of Volleyball by sitting.TBESF) Chairman Muaz Ergezen, in a statement to the AA correspondent, said that Karabük brings them good luck in all branches.

Reminding that the Turkish Arm Wrestling Championship for the Physically Disabled was held in Karabük in March, Ergezen said, “We got what we paid for. For the first time in history, we became the European champion with 17 medals in the Para Arm Wrestling European Championship. It is a proud situation for all of us. Also, the event held in Paris. “Our Para Table Tennis National Team won 15 medals in the tournament. We continue to write history with incredible results in every branch of ours. We are proud of that. I think we have paid off for all our efforts.” he said.

“We will organize an unforgettable world championship befitting our country”

Ergezen stated that the Amputee Football World Championship will be held in Turkey in October and continued as follows:

“Athletes from 24 countries will participate in the championship. We think it will be a great show in terms of both the promotion and sports quality of our country. We are making preparations for this. Hopefully, we will organize an unforgettable world championship worthy of our country. There is only one world championship cup that is not in our museum. I hope it will be a gift to our country. We hope to sing our National Anthem together.”

Expressing that they think that the obstacle is not in the physical conditions, but in the language and mind of the people, Ergezen said, “We show everyone how we strive, how we overcome obstacles one by one, that we renew ourselves and rejoin life at the point where people say ‘you can’t, you can’t’ and what we do.” made its assessment.

“We invite all our disabled brothers and sisters to our halls and fields”

Emphasizing that they show the positive and unifying spirit of sports to everyone, Ergezen said, “Sports develops people physically, heals them spiritually, and adds them to life socially. We are trying to explain this to our country through social media and the press. We invite all our disabled brothers and sisters to participate in life, to participate in sports, to our halls and fields.” used the phrases.

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