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PSOE and PNV agree with Bildu on the budgets of the Vitoria City Council

PSE-EE and PNV, parties that support the municipal government of Vitoria as a minority, have reached an agreement with EH Bildu to carry out this year’s budgets, the first budgets of the legislature, municipal sources have confirmed to EFE.

Socialists and nationalists have 12 of the 27 councilors of the Vitorian council, in which EH Bildu, with 7 councilors, was the force with the most votes.

The three formations have carried out intense negotiations in recent days when even the mayor, the socialist Maider Etxebarria, admitted a week ago that the budget extension was “increasingly feasible.”

This agreement between the three forces has been achieved in a very special political environment, marked by the fact that PSE-EE and PNV left the sovereigntist candidate, Rocío Vitero, who received the most votes in the elections, without the mayor’s office of the city. local.

Furthermore, it takes place just a few months before the elections to the Basque Parliament are held in which PNV and EH Bildu emerge as the formations with the possibility of being the most voted force.

EH Bildu has called a press conference this Thursday to announce the scope of this pact.

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