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TechPUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8, Can Fight Against Zombies

PUBG Mobile Update Version 2.8, Can Fight Against Zombies


PUBG Mobile officially released update version 2.8. Lightspeed Studio, as the developer, presents a lot of new content including an undead themed game mode.

This mode, called Zombie’s Edge, has been visiting fans since September 5, 2023. Gamers can enjoy it until November 6.

Based on the information received detikINET, Friday, (8/9/2023), there are several points that the developer emphasized in this newest mode. Some examples include new skills, weapons, areas and items in the game.

The area in question is the Aerolith Lab. Here is a makeshift research laboratory built around the Aerolith.

It is said that this place was infected with a dangerous virus, so it is no longer habitable. Inside there are only a few supplies and terrible mutants left.

Apart from mutants, there are other creatures such as berserkers and rippers. Now to be able to beat the zombiesplayers must have special items such as Mutation Gauntlets, Mutation Blade, and Maglev Hoveboard.

Developers reveal that mode Zombie’s Edge available on three maps that are already familiar to players PUBG Mobile. This mode exists in Erangel, Livik, and Miramar.

Updates are made not only that. But some weapons were also affected. Here’s the list:

  • Melee Weapon Updates and Improvements: Added a small melee weapon, the Dagger. Melee weapons can deal additional damage to PvE enemies.
  • FAMAS: Update FAMAS appearance and attributes. Now, FAMAS is an Air Drop weapon.
  • AUG: Apply adjustments to AUG weapons. AUG has been removed as an Air Drop weapon and can now be found scattered across the map.
  • ACE32: The recoil of the ACE32 is slightly reduced. The firing animations and feel of the ACE32 have been improved.
  • Mk12: Now, Mk12 can be found on all Classic maps.
  • Arena Weapon Update: Honey Badger, ACE32

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