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Puente orders a “very extensive” audit of the purchase of masks in the Ministry of the Koldo García plot

The Minister of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Óscar Puente, announced this Tuesday a “very extensive” “specific” audit on the purchase of FFP2 masks ordered in the worst of the pandemic by two entities of his department, State Ports, to the plot. by Koldo Garcia, then advisor to Minister José Luis Ábalos.

The audit will be carried out by the General Inspection of Services, a body that “enjoys neutrality and independence” made up of career officials “who do not owe their position to this government” and are “immovable.”

Its conclusions will be sent to the corresponding parliamentary committees, to the judicial bodies and to public opinion. It will only be limited to contracts from the ministry, not from other departments, such as the contract that was awarded to a Temporary Union of Companies formed by the company that won those contracts, Management Solutions and Business Support, and the construction company. Ferrovial. In statements to the press, he explained that the body that is going to prepare this audit is the same one that analyzed the episode of the trains that do not fit in the tunnels of Cantabria and Asturias, whose conclusions, he said, will be presented next week.

Puente explained in his appearance that “the only person left in the ministry” affected by this investigation is a brother of Koldo García, also detained last week and who works in a cleaning brigade for Emfesa, a public company of the ministry. He has expressed his confidence in the undersecretary of the ministry, Jesús Manuel Gómez García, who, he explained, has denied him “any connection with the plot” and has been summoned to testify as a witness, like other people in his department. .

Puente has described Ábalos’s situation as “heartbreaking”, after his resignation from submitting his deputy certificate and his decision to join the Mixed Group. He has said he has “the highest opinion of José Luis Ábalos,” an “exemplary militant” and a “great minister” whose conduct, he has said, “is consistent.” “It is very difficult for me to believe” that the former secretary of organization of the PSOE “has put his hand in it” but “we are talking about basic political responsibilities.”

He has given the example of today’s commissioner Josep Borrell, who when he was going to be a PSOE candidate at the end of the 90s and after winning a primary, resigned from running in the elections after the irregularities committed by two of his advisors, despite the fact that “he did not do nothing”. And that decision “made him great.”

It is “a personal responsibility in choosing and in monitoring” and citizens can have the “certainty” that the Government “is not going to fold its arms in the face of any hint of corruption, no matter where it comes from and whoever falls.”

Puente did not want to go into whether the former minister is going to maintain voting discipline in the Mixed Group. “If someone told me that I was going to have to ask José Luis Ábalos for the minutes, he wouldn’t believe it.”

He has promised “transparency” and “infinite” aversion and “zero tolerance” towards the corrupt. He has urged to “distinguish very well what the contracts are and what the bribes are” that Koldo Álvarez allegedly charged for the purchase of those masks.

He recalled that the Court of Accounts carried out a price analysis on all mask purchases made by the public sector in March and April 2020 and Adif paid the lowest price, at 2.37 euros, followed by Puertos del Estado, at 2.5 euros, the merchandise arrived “correctly”. This, he has pointed out, means that there was no “damage” to the public coffers, but rather that the commission was borne by the businessman who won the contract.

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