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Puigdemont denies that there are negotiations, but there are previous dialogues with “several political actors”

The former president of the Generalitat Carlos Puigdemont He denied this Thursday that his party, JxCat, is holding negotiations with any party regarding the investiture of a President of the Government, nor that any amnesty project has been presented.

In a message on his dialogue with that of negotiationwhen they are two significantly different concepts. Dialogue is prior to any negotiation. QIt can serve to establish the framework within which it can take place, or it can serve to verify that there is no room for negotiation. We will see this in the coming days.”, has indicated.

The former Catalan president, in Belgium, who fled from the Spanish Justice after the illegal referendum of 1-O, has announced that next Tuesday, September 5, he will speak in Brussels about the framework set by JxCat to open negotiations at the inaugural conference of a interparliamentary day.

Puigdemont’s message comes the same day that the JxCat Executive holds a closed-door working meeting to address the start of the political course, after which no statements are planned.

Internal criticism in the Catalan PP

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóoalready announced that, ahead of his investiture session – for which he lacks the support of four deputies – he would meet to dialogue with all political forces, with the exception of EH Bildu.

A roadmap that the leader of the Catalan PP did not like, Alejandro Fernandez. On Sunday he assured in X that there was nothing to talk about with the independence formation, which he considered his “rival” and whose “thesis is that Spain is a dictatorship led by a fascist king.”

In it left blockJxCat is decisive in obtaining the necessary support for the possible alternative investiture of the socialist leader and acting president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the formation of a new coalition Government with Sumar, led by the vice president and Minister of Labor in functions, Yolanda Diaz.

Puigdemont recalled that JxCat conspired to approach contacts responsibly and not talk about their content, given that, according to him, “it is inevitable that others will do it for us and create fictions.”

In addition, Puigdemont has separated the scenario of negotiations on the investiture of Sánchez from “no decision regarding the Consell de la República”, after this week he dissolved his assembly of representatives and proposed a reform of the entity.

ERC and PSOE advance in the use of co-official languages

For its part, ERC, the other Catalan independence force with representation in Congress, is already outlining with the PSOE a reform of the regulations of the Lower House so that Catalan, Basque and Galician can be used in the sessions, just as the sovereigntist formations agreed. with the socialists to facilitate the election of Francina Armengol as president of Congress.

As he has advanced The newspaper and sources familiar with the negotiation have confirmed to EFE, the proposal that is being outlined would aim to modify article 70.2 to include a new wording on this issue.

“The speaker may deliver his speech in any of the languages ​​that are official in any Autonomous Community in accordance with the Constitution and the corresponding Statute of Autonomy”, the new wording that is being negotiated would explain.

Although the agreement is not closed and the texts are still being outlined, ERC sources consulted are optimistic about it and consider that the negotiation is on the right track.

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